1ST MAY 2022.

A very nice entry awaited me, the bitches entered  before me today in my opinion were outstanding. I was very impressed with the quality of the exhibits, a great number  being close to the standard, and only minor preferences were they seperated, in almost every class I had some very noticeable bitches to go over, and I consider that  the strength of the bitch standard has improved over the last two years, at the same time it was noticable to me from the catalogue  that my placings included several  which were from overseas breeding rather than more familiar English lines, is this a good thing or not?

Obviously, if these Dogs/Bitches meet what the breeders are looking for, with their knowledge, & if they know the lines they are working with,  it could be an asset, only if they are used wisely, we can only wait and see, some of these bitches were especially lovely,hence my comments.

MPB 2.
1.Scott's  Torrino Renesmee for Chantique only 2 in the class and both  lovley both,were at different ends of the scale.   This young lady 6 months and 1 day obviously looking like a minor puppy, with the usual remarks that apply a pretty bitch of  ideal proportions a pretty blue merle with attractive markings, and well broken merleing with the attractive black strategly placed markings on her head, and ears, sweet refined  head correctly placed stop, dark eyes, and neat well placed ears on top giving a delightful expression ,so feminine goodbody lines, good legs and feet and moved well, cooperated with her handler by showing herself,she had a very promising competitor, and it was hard to choose between them, my decision was influenced by her age related promise.
2.  Beardsworth's Mysinder Sapphire Reign only two weeks older than the 1st, but to the other extreme she is  well up to size,  very mature in full coat merle,who was the most beautiful coloured blue,stood with all the confidence and panache  of a veteran who never put a foot wrong, she had strong body lines, good bone, and hindquarters and moved out very well. ample neck set in good shoulders, balanced head, good ears, and used non stop it was hard to believe she was a minor puppy, and would not have looked out of place in Open because of her maturity  and finish, plus her many qualities,she will no doubt  be heard of again and will, change placings with 1 on another occasion, should have a bright future.

PB. 11.(3)
1. Lockyer's Shining Star Du clos de Seawind at Gatajshe took my eye, 9mnths r/s standind showing for all her worth she was beautifully groomed, and aptly named,she was responding to her handler the  entire time, she has a good reach of neck which enhanced here overall profile.,and typical of the strandard of exhibits this kennel exhibits, she is fullof quality, her overall stance takes the eye good overall profile,  beautiful clean refined head good wedge, correct stop with lovely eye placement ears ears on top, excdellent depth and spring of rib , good turn ot stifle and neat well angulated hocks moved well with correct tail carriage.  B P I.B.
2   Walker & Ritchie's Starlenga Nina Simone.A very elegant B/m and took my eye for her overall type. She had a good length of body, covered by the most glorious b lue merle coat and featherings,she really is a lovely bitch who could take on any  competion, today she seemed unsettled, her movement was a sheer joy to see,she just floated  round the ring, and as her conformation suggests I was in no doubt that she couldmove well, with rear driveand excellent front extension,she has  a lovely clean well moulded head, with correct balance  of skull and forface, correctly placed stop,and eyes giving the desired expression,she was rather reliuctant to use her ears, although she did respond if not enthusiastricly, the noise and movement distracted her, I think the echo of the venue did not help her cause,  she has all the elegance the standard calls for in the right surroundings, it is a pity she was unsettled, however, I am sure with patience and timershe will reach the top.
3. Randall's Ladnar Izadorable.

Junior.B  5 (2.)
1.Turners Corian French Flirt Apretty bright g/s who always makes the most of herself. There is an instant rapport between her and her handler, they are in unison,a balanced b itch with a very feminine outlook, she is a constant showgirl, for her  overall charisma who is instantly appealing for her showmanship, on her toes showing off her profile, presented in sparkling form, she moved out quite well she is slightly shorter throughout than her competitors, however she has a great deal to like in her head eye and exprression,one who will always be considered.
2.Hassock's Camanna Paulara Cissy Spacek carrying a wealth of coat, a sweet natured collie who was constantly wagging her tailand enjoying the attention,she has a good overall profile with her ample neck well let down hindquarters,pretty head although I woud prefer more filling in backskull, and shows herself intermittantly similar in  type to 1.
3. Troops Elshajo Made by Magic.

Maiden B 3
1 Maysinder Sapphire Reign.
2 Bakers Marilake Manhatten one who has a very nice shape, and sweet outlook, moved and
showed adequately .
3.Barron & Jenkins Takhisis Summer Soltace at Rannaleroch.

Novice 2.
1.Larkins Rahlissa Toffee Cake at Denora   Attractive sable with a lovley head, well groomed, correct wedge head, beautifuldark eye and good ears, I would prefer a  little more reach of neck, in profile, although she has g.depth and spring of rib, and hindquarters.
2.Takhisis Summer Soltace at Rannaleroch. Shaded sabe came up from a previous class, she
has good body lines looked rather dischevled  &  untidy ears which would venefit from trimming.

 Graduate 9(5)
1. Larkin's Rahlissa Toffeecake for Denora
2. Boyle's Barrenclough touch of Silk a very nice elegant b itch, with excellent bodylines, In consequence she has slightly more length of neck,body and length of leg,the first noticeable detriment was her untrimmed rear pasterns with long straggly hair which  detracted from her hind action., she has a  well  balanced head, lovely dark eye & good ears, I would just prefer a littlemore strength in underjaw to complete the picture.
3.Mc Dades Lyndale Illusion of Love.

PG  11(1)
1.Iley's Arklethill Delilah at Ileyda this was a really lovely class there were some beautiful bitches which went cardless, this quality entry from this class onwards was quite remarkable.This bitch had qualities in abundance, she took my eye for her glamour in full coat and bloom, it was amazing how this bitch has matured since I saw her at Crufts 2yrs ago, she made a name for herself as a youngster, but now she has fulfilled this early promise into a bright star, her overall profile is superb, showing with all the aplomb to enhance her virtues, reach of neck set in good shoulders, excellent topline, and sweeping hindquarters, she moved round the ring with reach of stride and effortless grace,  a most lovely clean head profile, dark expressive eye giving the sweetest of expression, together by showing her neat well placed ears presenting a beautiful picture, exquisitly groomed RES CC in excellent company.
2.Edwards Elshado Adored another elegant glamour puss who's white shoulder collar emphasises her excellent reach of neck, just coming into coat fitted and fresh, she has the most beautiful moulding of foreface, good underjaw, correct stop placement, well filled flat skull, good ears.this was an exceptiomnaly good placing in this lovlely class and thebitch who was also placed
3rd Bakers Beldones Uptown Girl of Rosschell were very similar in type and quality.

LB 11.(2)
1.Lewellyns Artazaik Selina De Selsina what a joy to turn and lookat this classof glorious Bitches headed by a shaded sable in full bloom almost approaching 3yrs old in full coat with all the feathering of a mature bitch, once again  in tip top condition at full maturity, a very striking bitch with  very good bone, she powered round the ring  striding out really well good front, good neck and shoulder, she has a moulded head finished in every way with srrong foreface and & underjaw, she has almond shaped darkeye correctly placed, showing heself with charisma, who will no doubt get regcognition in her present form, it was interesting to see I have awarded top honours to  another Salsina bred bitch many years ago,it is nice the quality is still apparrent, this Kennel has had noteable recognition for their type and quality a great pleasure to judge.
2.Beare's Jemspark Maid  in Secret coming up to 5yrs , I am surprised that this bitch has not b een made up  before now, my remarks on this bitch were very flattering, one whom I really  fell for, another bitch who could take her title, having all the grace and  feminity along with neccesssary virtues to take her further, lovely for type and quality, it was the splitting hairs that only stopped her from taking 1st place, and of course as always happens all the good eggs were in one basket, with an element of luck, this bitch should gain her title with ease and  wish her good luck in the future.
3.Tame's Riverside Song Xtrasweet at Rahlissa.
Open B.10 (2)1.Blakie's Kourika Kover Girl looking at this bitch in the ring,s he created an instant impact upon me, as her stance was perfect thoughout the class, she was always standing correctly, each time I looked at her I saw the  reach of neck, fore chest and elegance which is the core of our lovely breed, seeing it again in abundance in the classes I judged today inspired me, as over the past few years I felt the breed had lost some of its elegance which is such part of he beauty of our breed, it was here in this class I was privileged to judge, she was elegance personified a shaded sable, feminine, her profile suggested the neck outline and bodylines along with the movement  all coming together ,she has a beautiful clean head with well filled foreface,with good underjaw and lipline, correctly placed stop, and her skull was flat with no lack of side skull well placed eyes and  good ears,showing herself steadily,her bodylines are ideal,she has good turn of stifle and well let down rear pasterns along with my co-judge Mr John Congdon we were in agreement she shoud be  Best of Breed.
2. Scott's.O'de Lancom of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique. I was very curious to learn whom this bitch was. I could not remember seeing her before, as I did not know her handler or recognise ever having seen her before.  To have this stunning bitch on the lead, what an impression she made upon me, to not know who she was, so very feminine who had everything I like to see in a bitch, paler golden sable, very slightly shorter than Kover Girl was beautiful to handle and I loved her sweet feminine outlook, she was in good coat, with ample featherings over elegant body lines, good neck and shoulder,and her most exquisite head eye and expression was at it utmost, ears are correctly placed and used, altogther everything I like in a bitch, her movement is what I would have expected in one of such quality, she was very unlucky to meet the winner, but I see from her  breeder she is very much to be admired, I shall follow her career with interest, for me she was the epitome of a classic ultra feminine Collie, I have seen from the kennel her breeding is from, is a kennel I so admire for top quality Collies and is one I would have loved to own.
3. Hawkins Beldones looks like Fun.

Veteran 6 (1)
1.Monsolana Butterfly Blue over Barranclough A pretty one I have often  admired, such a pretty blue,now 7yrs, still beautiful and elegant, she is a well broken blue with full petticoats & featherings,vg.bodylines, lovely clean refined head with correct head profile, with eyes and ears giving a very sweet outlook,she can hold her own in any company moved out well, and handled for the first tme by her young handler well done.
2 McGowans Barrenclough Golden Charm at Westfoak.a well developed bitch of 8yrs carrrying a heavy coat quite anxious for the titbit, therefore she would not settle to stand and show, and was giving her handler quite a time, however she has been a worthy winner in her youth with good body and bone, normally quite a showgirl and was tired of waiting so long for her turn to receive it.
3.Wray-Ramsdens Beldones Duchess of Dreams

Sandra M.Wigglesworth (Judge)